Water and Gas Billing

utility billing system

Jomsoft provides JomBill, a medium that helps to organize the consumption and a software that can handle the billing process. Eventhough there is a lot of company that provide the system, however in Jomsoft we learn that customer satisfaction is very important. Wait no more lets deal with us for the best utility billing system in this country!



What is JomBill Hybrid?
JomBill Hybrid is essentially the combination of current postpaid system with prepaid features to produce an efficient system.

How JomBill Hybrid works?
1. Tenant must top up credit in account same as how prepaid meter system work.
2. System will check tenant’s electricity usage amount on daily basis.
3. When the usage amount reach 50% of credit balance, tenant will receive a reminder email to top up credit in their account.
4. If tenant failed to top up credit in account after exceed credit balance, account will be barred and electricity will be cut off automatically.


Integration with Smart Meter

Option to integrate your billing solution with external systems - reading data automatic upload.

Client Portal

See bills, enter meter readings, and see consumption history.


Customize your report according to your needs.

Service Addresses

Define any facilities for each subscriber like apartments, garages, business and other properties


Set rates, any combination of rates and services


Define any number of any kind of services provided in each service address

Bill Calculations

Calculate monthly bills for your business.

Electronic Invoices

Send bills electronically via e-mail.

Validation and Estimation

Manage bulk manual data entry with sophisticated error control system



Industry-leading administrative, physical, and technical safeguards protect the security, confidentiality and integrity of your data.


Configure data deliveries to fit your specific needs, including preset integrations into popular industry software or proprietary applications




Our Utility Billing System identifies and captures bills as soon as they are made available, providing you with the data you need faster.


More than 150 data audits ensure trustworthy data, with delivery of the original bill image giving you an additional layer of verification. That is how our utility billing works.


We have plenty of backup of your data in case any problems occur. Do not worry we have your back.