Meter data management (MDM) refers to software that performs long-term data storage and management for the vast quantities of data delivered by smart metering systems. This data consists primarily of usage data and events that are imported from the head-end servers managing the data collection in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) or automatic meter reading (AMR) systems. MDM is a component in the smart grid infrastructure promoted by utility companies. This may also incorporate meter data analytics, the analysis of data emitted by electric smart meters that record consumption of electric energy.


Meter data collection

Collecting data from smart meters (interval/register data, load profile, current voltage, current, power factor, etc.) by sharing with HES

Data validation and editing

Validating the meter read and supporting manual editing

Estimating invalid or missing reads

Estimating meter data for invalid or missing reads based on statistical algorithm. Ÿ


Calculating interval energy usage data from interval/register data joining the master data.

Aggregating meter reads

Aggregating, analyzing meter data hourly/daily/monthly for every area, purpose of use, etc.

Command management

Managing control command such as remote on/off, on-demand reading, etc.

Event management

Event message acquisition and management such as outage/recovery, cover-open, over/under voltage.

Providing data to downstream system

Providing data to related systems using API (Application Program Interface) such as customer information system, billing system, data warehouse, etc.

Exception management

Managing all types of exception for data collection, validation, aggregation, remote command, etc.

Integrated monitoring

Real-time monitoring of MDMS data processing, energy usage, communication status, data/system exceptions and hardware resources.

Integrated information of a customer

Providing integrated information of a customer such as meter installation, moving, removal, exchange, energy usage, power quality, meter events, exceptions, GIS, etc.

Energy loss analysis

Analyzing energy loss of power distribution lines to detect power pilferage (theft).

GIS service

Providing graphical GIS information for related services such as power quality, energy consumption analysis, and so on.

Power quality monitoring

Monitoring power quality (current, voltage, THD) and extracting the abnormal meter.

Transformer load monitoring

Monitoring transformer load and extracting the outliers such as biased usage ratio of phases, too high/low usage ratio.

Outage/Recovery monitoring

Monitoring the outage and recovery events using the event message from AMI meters.

Configurable report

Providing the user defined report for meter data and various statistics.

AMI customer service

Monitoring transformer load and extracting the outliers. Providing real-time information of power usage and bill for AMI customers via smart phone. such as biased usage ratio of phases, too high/low usage ratio.