Automatic Meter Reading

We provide all the metering solutions and perform metering products checking and programming. At Jomsoft we make sure the Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) concept is developed in which automatic collection of readings, transmission and sending bill to customer is done easily.

Supported Protocol

Supported Manufacturer

Supported Protocol

Our system is build to convenience your works. Hence, we make sure it is easy to install and support universal protocol. Our AMR system use communication protocol such as
Other IEC 62056 parts deal with Electricity metering - Data exchange for meter reading, tariff and load control
• IEC 62056-21:2002 Direct local data exchange
• IEC 62056-31
• DL/T645-2007
Multi-function watt-hour meter communication protocol

Supported Manufacturer

Manufacturers that can be use together with our Automatic Meter Reading System are:

EMH metering GmbH & Co. KG


Benefits of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

Reduce Human Error

One of the biggest advantages of opting for an automatic meter reading system is accuracy. Manual collection of consumption data from energy and water meters is usually prone to human error and is time consuming. The AMR built on an industry leading technology which reads and stores data at distribution points within the utility networks. This data may be accessed on a dedicated network using mobile and hand held devices. One may retrieve the data at any time to being to your information and control systems as needed. This helps to reduce disputes regarding billing and consumption.

Real Time & Accuracy

The AMR is capable of fetching billing amounts in real time to help monitor the consumption of energy or water in large operations management set ups. It is useful to keep track of expenses as it takes virtually no time to collect and analyze the data – so that the management may have accurate consumption data for further budgeting. When integrated seamlessly through embedded software and service gateways, the AMR enables total control and full visibility into data from ERP, management and billing systems whatever and wherever they may be.

Energy Conservation

When consumption data is being monitored real time, it allows the management to pin point the high consumption centers which are increasing the costs. This may lead to better planning for such entities and may help the management to find simple ways to improve the efficiency of the whole system. Energy conservation is only possible when a system has complete information about the distribution and consumption of energy at different utility points. Thanks to the AMR now it is possible to access this information in real time enabling electricity, natural gas and water industries across the country to find more ways to conserve energy and put an end to fraudulent consumption of energy.