Malaysia shortlists 832 MW of large-scale solar bidders

The Energy Commission of Malaysia on Friday shortlisted parties with about 823 MW of total bids in a request for proposals (RfPs) targeting 1 GW of solar projects.

The RfP forms part of Round Four of Malaysia’s Large Scale Solar (LSS) procurement programme that was launched at the very end of May 2020.

The energy commission, known as Suruhanjaya Tenaga, has pre-selected a total of 30 bidders in two categories — one for plants with capacities of 10 MW-30 MW and another targeting bigger projects of up to 50 MW.

The first “package” includes 323.06 MW of shortlisted plants with prices ranging from MYR 0.1850 (USD 0.046/EUR 0.039) per kWh to MYR 0.2481/kWh. The second drew 500 MW of proposals, each of 50 MW, at MYR 0.1768/kWh to MYR 0.1970/kWh. All projects are located in Peninsular Malaysia and are expected to reach commercial operation in 2022-2023.

The LSS programme was introduced by the Malaysian government in 2016 to replace feed-in tariffs (FiTs). In its third round, Malaysia shortlisted 491 MW of solar PV capacity.

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